Server Dust | Swings

Another Re-imagined Sandbox picture (posed in Garry’s Mod). First time trying out sunset light. I tried to toy with composition this time, and intentionally left a big part of the image empty, as I wanted to convey emptiness. I also tried to give the structure a story of some sort - which can be read by examining its details - and make as much sense of it as it allows (which isn’t much). Hope it turned out well.

I would appreciate your honest C&C!

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The scale and detail of these builds are amazing. Sunset lighting in this one looks pretty. Now I have to try and discover its story from details as you said.

This looks fucking insane. Terrific work!

How did u do those clouds tho?

fuckng hell

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Thanks! Sky is a merge of different cloud types I got from google images with some manual additions of my own, and then there is a thin ‘volumetric’ cloud surrounding the structure, which you can see better in the atmopass image, which I lit up/blended manually using ingame lights and depth buffers

I might be overlooking things but I don’t understand how this ties in with the sandbox theme. Is it just how they built that superstructure?

Anyways, you completely nailed the sunset-look; the birds being a nice atmospheric effect as they fly from the beams.

Thanks! Glad the sunset look’s there, wasn’t quite sure I had the hue right

As to your question, gonna give you the long answer. I asked myself: what would a Garry’s Mod Sandbox universe look like if it were real, and filled with real ‘players’ that are bound to its laws and don’t have the option to just disconnect? What would they do in their spare time with an endless supply of resources, and the untold powers of the Tool Gun and Physics Gun at their fingertips? You bet your ass it’s gonna be huge ass sky scraping super structures! Ridiculous contraptions, senseless, impractical machines. I came up with an unpredictable world overflowing with the creations of its mindless players’ unlimited and unregulated imagination, or basically (what I find to be) the ultimate platform for artistic exploration, (and this right there is absolute motivation for me…)

Anyways I also figured that with time, just like toys, these structures and creations are all bound to be forgotten and replaced by new ones. So a large portion of this world will be occupied by abandoned structures, much like this one. This time it happens to be a gigantic stranded bridge spanning across different ‘maps’ (continents), suspended solely by a net of hoverballs. This intercontinental superstructure can pivot on its midpoint anchor which shoots straight down into the ocean (visible in pic), and thus connect more than just 2 maps together.

Thanks for asking!

“You know, Jerry, this swingset’s a great idea, but how the fuck are we gonna come down from here?”

Saw this on reddit and found my way here. Incredible job man. I hope you create some kind of tutorial. Do you use many custom props for these builds? I haven’t played gmod in a while but I don’t recognise a lot of it.

Thanks! I use TheMask’s SBMP easily found on the modelling section here. I also wrote this tutorial which explains the rendering process quite thoroughly:

Saw this in Reddit. Congrats on the two Reddit golds.

You gotta explain it to the mainstream audience about how you make your images though. Can’t just be simplified to just, “Photoshop magic”

Agreed. The ‘touching up’ thing I wrote at some point baffled some folks, I’ll post an imgur album showing a step by step process next time

All your works are absolutely fantastic. great work!