Server email alert?!

Hi there, does anybody know if there is such a thing that alerts you by email if your Gmod server is down, or crashed, or not responding etc… ?

make one? on the valve wiki they tell you how to querry a server for information , why not just check evry so often in php and then send email on not respond.
if you want i will soon make the code for you

Thanks mate, i’ll try to make the code myself, i want to learn php anyway, and if i can’t do it i’ll ask you for help.

this could help you

Actually, i just remembered, when i had my first gmod server, i searched for something like IP checker, and i was able to make a little script that showed a green light on the website when the server was on and a red one when it was off. I can’t remember how i did it, but i’m sure i’ll remember. If i can’t, i’m sure the link to the code you gave me will help. Thanks again :).