Server event (good idea or not)

So we just started up a server, and in the interest of getting new people to join it, we are planning to make an event to get it going. I proposed and set up an event that is going to have kits of building parts go out every hour. Most will be wood building kits, some will be metal. Then after several hours of this I am going to spawn in supply grenades to everyone’s bags. This will get people going on PvP and give them a chance to try out their new fortresses against others.

I feel this would be a great kick start, what are your thoughts?

I would advise against supply grenades, basic materials are one thing, but potentially giving a bunch of people explosives right off the bat will very greatly widen the gap between nakeds and fully geared kevs.

If you want to hold events I recommend building an arena and holding deathmatches and things like that, they’re pretty fun but are a bit of effort to keep it all organized.

The idea is that after this event, the standard starter kit will be enough to build a 4x4 base with 2 metal doors (wood). I feel that a lot of the explosives will be used up on the first day as well.

Do it but disable explosives from being researched.

Yes, the explosives will get used but they’ll also get researched. Not having access to explosives is one of the major challenges in the game, giving out supply signals drastically reduces that challenge, at least for some people.

Just my opinion.