•••••••••••••We do not understand what has happened to the server Facepunch Sao Paulo 1. The server remains virtually most of the time offline. I have used the HLSW to monitor server performance and see that the server is online, however it does not respond. That answer, however spend most of the time without answer, in my opinion, characterizes DDOS attack. Would there be possibility to solve this problem? the Brazilian community has more than 300 players, as SAO PAULO servers 1 and 2, were always at full capacity. Please solve the problem server, or enable us to be a solution! I volunteer to help with work or financially.

*********** Help the Brazilian community not die! ***********

I see that there is not any ARGENTINE server, Peruvians, Bolivians and others and have seen chatting some comment that would DDOS attacks on Brazilian servers and believe the incident has been guilty of the same. I suggest you mount a server for them too.

thank you!,


As mentioned earlier, this is strictly a Brazilian infrastructural issue.

Brazil has highly-vulnerable internet making them suspect to easy attack. Their internet quality is not that great.

I believe this was not a good analysis. Today the internet quality in Brazil is very good, however is still expensive, only.
The problem with the server is DDOS. The server sao paulo 1 worked very well and ping 20, 18 to 40.

A mod and garry himself confirm that the problem is that the Brazilian host was/is under pretty much permanent DDOS.

The solution is to set up your own servers, and if you get DDOSed, well, that sucks and now you understand how the FP devs felt,because your users will be screaming at you about it and you’ll be helpless as the server gets flooded offline around the clock.

:happy:But, we have more servers, not just this one. :smile:
Edit.: thanks for the answers.

The question has been answered. For future reference search the forum before posting, there’s already a substantial thread on the issues of the Sao Paulo Servers.