Server falling out of sync?

Hey, so im currently running 2xLinux servers that are hosting my servers, recently ive noticed that the servers are falling behind and seem to sync behind the player?
So someone can move forward, and it rubberbands a slight ammount or refreshes their screen, as if the server sent them info for when they were there?
In a way like tickrate…
but im not sure why. servers are only running at around 10-15% cpu each and only 5% ram each, so im very lost to why its doing this and if changing the tickrate could help with this at all?
Thanks, Shadow

It’s not how much CPU usage it utilizing it’s how fast it can simulate the environment and transfer the packets to clients. How many instances are you running on each server ? also because they only use 1 core have you looked at forcing each server to use a specific core depending on the hardware you have you should probably post some specs about the CPU you are using higher clock is what Garry’s mod really needs.

You can try halving the tick rate from the default 66 to 33 this will let you check if it’s performance problem as it has to simulate the environment less frequently but if you want higher response then you would want to increase the tick rate to say 100 depending on what gamemode you are running as a tickrate of 100 it’s going to push the CPU up if it’s something like TTT or DarkRP with lots of entities and that will make your problem worse.

It might also help if you post a screenshot of the netgraph in game see if there is high lerp and choke or missing packets when the server has players on. And post your config for -sv_maxupdate 33 -sv_maxcmdrate 33 -sv_minrate 1500 -sv_maxrate 30000.

ah ok thankyou, i will try this all tomorrow though (3:30am)
currently server one has around 6-7 (including a test server which is not usually online) and server two with 2 servers running currently.
but systems spec (fairly breif due to host is external)
8 Core CPU
5g RAM
(whilst watching the “top” the servers run at a average of 10-20% cpu usage per server with people filling htem, with ram only at around 3-7% usage per server)

also whats the config at the end doing?

What’s the uptime of the server before it starts doing this?

0 seconds…
as soon as the servers are turned on they instantly do this.
(across EVERY server)

use net_graph 4

It looks like your server is stuttering, could be anything at this point though.

How is your server set up?
VPS? Dedi?
Any virtualisation?

Does the lag happen on all of your servers on both machines?
Any addons using database queries?

Ah ok fair enough
Currently a VPS (very decent though, it worked for a while then it just started doing this a little while ago, host said there was no problem their end but idk. i find that to be a bit wrong…)
Its got 8core vCPUs (watching the resource usage, there is TONNES of resources free…
and then 5gig ram

and yes it does from what it seems. people seem to ‘blink’ around a fair bit.
yes, there is 1 - 2 currently. fcon (syncs IPB ranks to the ULX ranks, from knowledge it does a quick query from database and then closes)
and then just sourcebans which runs off the server (is one of the newer things that MAY be the cause but i have no idea…)

Well, while it could be a vps issue, the quickest thing you can check is to disable any addons using databases to see if that changes anything.

Other things that may be more difficult to check would be to disable all addons, and then possibly running just a single server and see if it still happens.

It does look like your server is struggling slightly, but not severely… you’re not getting the full updaterate set on the server.

yeah true, but it just seems to be strange that its only a recent thing that has come about…
but i guess removing sourcebans may help out a bit…

yeah its not severe, just that slight freeze every now and then.