Server files Never stop Downloading

I’ve Played Garrys mod since 8.0 and i understand wire phx and everything but this is just insane.

Everytime i go to load Gmod it works fine but when i get in the server load screen it makes me download 900+ files all not needed. so i download them so i dont have to go through it every time. Then afterwords when i reconnect its another 900 some files. (same Exact files)

And when i eventualy get in the Server. I pop Open my Q menu and i can see the right side where my tool’s go but i dont see the Prop’s I have reinstaleld Steam, Garrys-Mod and everything over about 3 times. Now it has gotten to where Gmod dosnt even load it gets to the Main Screen and then Quits out…

This is something that just occured and occurs on every server i connect too, my friends have updated client side on their client side on the servers but i still have to download 900 files and i have no prop menu

Please post every Suggestion anything probobly will fix it.

Type cl_downloadfilter all in the console.

^ What he said.