Server files public?

I wonder if they already have available to the public

I’m trying to download the files by SteamCMD and does not download

I’ve been researching and found that

would not be released to the files to the public?

Sorry for anything I am new in Rust just wanted to open a server on my VPS

sorry for my english ^-^'

The SteamCMD version aren’t the actual server files; just a blank repository.

then there is no way I can open a server on my VPS?

sad :frowning:

No, the files are not public yet.

The only reason any GSPs have it at all is because the devs did not want to have to look after 6000+ servers themselves.

Would it kill you to search? This question has been asked, literally, hundreds of times.

Thanks for answering me :confused:
'm new forum apologize will not happen again :3