Server Files

So uh I have been having some fun with these, will post a video of these and the start-up of the server.

I just want to have garry be aware, I tried adding him on skype with no luck.

FAKE ? 0_à

No these are as real as can be, I will post a video later.

if u post a video, i love u

Why would you black out the dates? That would actually help validate this lol.

I don’t want anything to be traced back, etc.

what about this? can’t you just download the files?

no…? This allows you to host your own server.

plz upload u’re video or create a tutorial plz <3

haha, Faggto.bat that killed me

Yea I am not sure what I was thinking when I made that.

This is what you will find inside:

rust_server.exe -batchmode -hostname "iffisihal  ruste servar" -port 28015 -datadir "rust_server_Data/" -maxplayers 100 -official true

Did you hack a beta password or is this an exploit of some kind?

No exploit. No hacked passwords. This is legit.

I spy a crosshair. Naughty, naughty.

pm the files or :slight_smile: thanks man.

It’s only a overlay, plus you can’t lie to me you have never done that before lol.

Well then you obtained the files from some source, I am trying to clarify that. Found them somewhere… I do not want to know the direct source, until Garry releases files as he pleases.

Men, just post the servers file brooooo :slight_smile:

I haven’t, I’m not an asshole gamer. I play games the way they are meant to be played because I want to be an asset to communities. That’s just me though.

That would actually be illegal, leaking garrys game files.
I’d need his written permission to do so, however I don’t plan to.
Plus, I’d look like an uber douch leaking his game on his own forums.

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Well just clarify, I have literally just got the crosshair yesterday, and have only used it on my server.
But thanks for not chetaing!