Server forced downloads and ULX

So I made some files on my server to be downloaded automatically by users as they enter. Everything seemed to work ok, but only for users who haven’t been there before.

Is there some file containing visited users? If so, where is it, and can I clear it?

P.S. One of the file folders is PHX3. I’m fucking sick of, “all i see is erorrs u giys suk at gmod”

Please help, thank you!

I’m not really sure how either of these work but I know they both help sometimes. A lot of times if I’m having problems with a forced download one of these two will fix it.

  1. Try deleting C:\srcds\ClientRegistry.blob

  2. Try clearing C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\cache\dua

I DID NOT write this. the user who wrote this is quoted.