Server FPS Really Low

I run a nexus-hl2rp server, and when we reach around 30 players our server’s FPS goes extremely low, but the netgraph isn’t all that big:

It goes from 6-20 FPS randomly in between the time.

Our server specs are a dedicated:

3.60 Ghz Quad Core
15K RPM drives in RAID
100mbps connection

What could be the cause of the lag, I want to crack down on it. I don’t think it’s a performance issue as 3.60Ghz is pretty high…

Check your sql connections

The server does a mass MySQL save that does one a query for all players every 180 seconds. (So, if the server is filled with 42 players, it does 42 queries)

I don’t think it’s an issue with MySQL, as it is a constant low FPS.

This would be your problem. for 30 players you should have 6gb+ if nexus uses alot of props(never played it)


My servers ran out of ram with 15 players @ 6GB with my usual things running, I had a TF2 Idle Server, 4 CS:S Servers, and about 7 GMod servers.

How is that possible? No one ever plays on your servers.

That 27 fps is your client fps.

Edit* Oh wait just saw the 14 nvm. But your client fps is pretty low too.

Your probably using some addon that is doing alot of calculations on players in a think hook or something like it.

What do you expect when you’re running 12 servers?

It’s not like it is that bad when there is 2 - 3 people spread out over all of them

Our server doesn’t ever reach the max RAM.

SRCDS.exe only ever uses about 500MB at it’s max.

I’ve never seen anything that was doing a -lot- of calculations, but I will certainly dig through the… 209… Lua files in Nexus XD
I’ll try and see if anything’s really bad.

Just wondering, is that an ESP in the OP?

Admin ESP used in NoClip “Observer mode” to locate players.