Server freeze, not restarting

So I have this problem with people using some odd exploit having to do with angles, but thats not my problem. I need a way to either be notified or have the server restart itself when it freezes. I was thinking about two ways I could go about doing this, pinging the server to see if it is online of have windows check if it is responsive. I thinking pinging would be easier and more reliable but I need a way to restart it. If anybody would like to help, please post. If you already have a script that does so I kindly ask that you share it.

Having the same issue after switching my Dedi to windows .

Mine does the same to since I switched to windows.

Well, I am not looking into switching. I just want to know if there is a way to detect the frozen server(ping) and then restart it.

It is becoming a real problem for me, As I have to manually restart the server every time it crashes. Can someone look into this?

As with I. I need this fixed or need a way to be notified…

I can confirm this happens extremely frequently to me as well.

Windows server as well, WS2008 R2.