Server Freeze

Sometimes my Gmod server just freeze, there ain’t any errors in the console:

I’m running CentOS 64 bit.

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It could be the client.
It could be that your server provider is dropping packets, who are you hosted by?
It could be a timer/hook that is being called every so often that does a lot.
It could be a tmysql module, that causes lag when requesting data from the database (could also be any other mysql or sqlite)

More information is needed.
Who hosts the server.
What addons do you have.
Do you use MySQL/SQLite
Has it just started recently? if so what have you changed.

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I’m also going to assume that this is DarkRP

It is hosted on a dedicated server at hetzner

I use MySQL

It started when i’ve changed to the dedicated server.

did you add all the addons at once, or one at a time? You could try removing some of the addons and see if it stops.

I think i know what’s wrong… It seems like the guy propspammed alot, and the server doesn’t want to auto restart on crash. Any idea how to make it auto restart on crash?

I’m pretty sure that’s a host thing. You’re probably going to have to contact them about it.