Server freeze


Sometimes when map re-starts after a finished round on my TTT server, if freezes. No errors are being thrown whatsoever, the console output just stops and server becomes invisible for players in server browser, so I guess it’s not a literal server crash but something similar. I must restart the server manually every time.

I’ve spent hours of checking the code of my addons, disabling and re-enabling them, but nothing helped.

What could this behaviour caused by?

freezing is usually caused by infinite loops.

try disabling all of your addons and see if it still happens.
if it does then it’s probably something you’ve changed in the ttt gamemode folder.

It’d take a lot of time to find what exactly causes the problem, but I guess that’s the only way. Thanks

Since it usually happens on round change, I checked what hook.GetTable() returns and there was only one function, the Mine Turtle cleanup: [lua]hook.Add(“TTTPrepareRound”, “MineTurtleClean”, function()
for _, slam in pairs(ents.FindByClass(“ttt_mine_turtle”)) do
end)[/lua] which I guess can’t cause this behaviour. I also checked a decent part of other addons’ code and couldn’t find anything to cause this. I’m confused.

I had this problem as well, and I’ve noticed other people on here with similar issues.

I did quite a bit of debugging, and I could never figure out what it was. I was able to narrow it down to the game.CleanUpMap that occurs at the beginning of the Prepare Round. It didn’t always happen exactly at that point, but 80% of the time it did. I moved my TTT server to Windows, and that actually seemed to fix it. Now it rarely crashes.

I would still like to know what’s causing it to happen on Linux since I scrutinized my addons for any hooks running at that time and none of them appeared to be the cause.

That’s exactly what I’m experiencing!

Unfortunately it isn’t likely that I’ll be able to move to Windows… But I guess if there’s no other option I’ll have to?

Since it doen’t seem like there’s a viable solution to this, is there a way to automatically detect when the server hangs and restart it?

I did some research and apparently there are many people experiencing this, only on Linux.

And I have no clue what might be causing this…