Server freezing on startup..

So I set up a DarkRP Server fine when I noticed that it was alerting me that it needed CS:S to be mounted, so I did that by following the wiki but now the server seems to be freezing.

Changing gamemode to DarkRP (darkrp)
Adding Path: [/root/css/cstrike]
FIND [/root/css/cstrike/*.vpk]
ADDING [/root/css/cstrike/cstrike_pak_000.vpk]
Unknown command "cl_cmdrate"
Unknown command "cl_updaterate"
Unknown command "rate"
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL

Ideas? :confused:

Please post more details such as launch command parameters, add -condebug to the launch params and pastebin the console.log file which is located in the root of your gmod server folder.

Also, you shouldn’t put the css content in the root folder and you should definitely not run the server as root. If you put the content in the root folder, the server might not be able to read the files due to file permissions beloning to the root user.

Was it working before you installed the CSS content?