Server Gamemode Constantly *Force* Changing

I’m running a server and every 30-60 minutes the gamemode will automatically change to sandbox.
I’m running the HL2:RP Gamemode made by OpenAura, when it changes I went back in my console
and found this before it changes:

[hIO] Unloaded

And whenever I load the gamemode it says this:

[hIO] Initialized

If there’s anyway to prevent this “[hIO]” from unloading I’d be very pleased if anyone can tell
me how to disable that so I don’t have to constantly be changing it back and loosing all of my players.

I believe those messages are related to a module that OpenAura uses, are you using a mod (perhaps an admin mod?) that rotates gamemodes?

Not that I’m aware of, I haven’t installed any admin mods and the only one I know of is the one already built into HL2:RP. (aurawatch)

Sorry I haven’t gotten back so recently.
I did some digging in my files and found this under my openaura base file in the init.lua:

require(“hio”); fileio = hIO;

That’s so far the closest thing I can find relating to [hIo] unloading the gamemode on occasion.


Registering gamemode ‘Sandbox’ derived from ‘base’
Registering gamemode ‘openaura’ derived from ‘base’
Registering gamemode ‘hl2rp’ derived from ‘openaura’

Just a thought, but there’s 2 “base” gamemodes, maybe they’re both fighting over to be dominate and it keeps on ruling out the openaura gamemode and switching back to sandbox.