Server Gamemode Voting

Hey, I own a 24/7 Gmod Server that hosts Prop Hunt, Murder and Trouble In Terrorist Town which are all installed and work fine but the only way I can change gamemode is by changing the settings to +gamemode terrortown or +gamemode prop_hunt or +gamemode murder , etc.

At the end of the 10 rounds for each map, the map voting comes up and so does the gamemode changing but when we’re playing Prop Hunt, it only comes up with Prop Hunt, and when we’re playing TTT, it only comes up with TTT (you can hopefully see where I’m going with this).

Does anyone know how to make it so when it comes up with Gamemode Voting, it comes up with all three gamemodes rather than just the one that has just been played? I’ve had a try at editing the sv_gmchanger.lua and cs_gmchanger.lua files but they just crashed the server so I’ve put them back to how they were. I know next to nothing about lua files and I’m not great at coding so can anyone help out?

Thanks :slight_smile: ~brodie

Inside the gamemode’s GAMEMODENAME.TXT, place inside:

	"selectable"		"1"

Although, keep in mind what you’re using is the fretta selection vote, which is primarily for fretta based gamemodes and from previous experience, trying to change gamemode fluidly to one that’s derived from a difference base (Murder/TTT are derived from ‘base’, PH is derived from Fretta) usually causes issues like the server being unable to find cl_init.lua.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll try that out