Server Getting Index Buffer Error, crashing most clients

too many indices for index buffer… tell a programmer (62220>32768)
Getting this error on my server, most clients are crashing Not sure what’s up.

TTT Server with NFO Servers

I’ve seen it happen cause of certain custom playermodels

Yeah, if a playermodel’s polycount is too high this happens.

How would one find out which playermodel?

There is no good way to figure out which player model it is.
In fact, it may not just be a player model causing it.

This crash would occur on a server I used to develop for when a decal would be created on a high poly car, for example, sentrygunman’s vehicles. So when someone threw bugbait at one of those vehicles, all the players around it would crash with that error.

I think it’s happened, oddly enough on one of the most played TTT maps, rooftops