Server gone?

A server i’ve been playing on for a while did not show up in my history this morning so my question is. Do they dissapear from history if you weren’t in the server for a day or is it that the server is not online?

They are all back up now.

Thanks, but mine is still down…

I got on my server earlier after we restarted then went to work and just got home about 30 mins ago and tried to get on it. But the problem is that it isn’t there or in my history. Another problem I have is that I can’t seem to click on the “Refresh” button beneath the servers list to try and get it that way. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

I’ve got that exact problem^

Same problem here, i was doing so well and spent 26 hours building my base so it’s pretty important. I hope it’s not wiped :suicide: