Server group in need of coding and mapping. Willing to negotiate pay.

I’m a Co-Owner of a server group, and we’re working on some private stuff currently relating to G-Mod. As these are some large projects we’re looking for some additional help on the work force. We’re willing to negotiate on forms of payment.

We’re looking for;
Fluent Mappers who have knowledge of the SDK Engine
Experienced Coders working in Lua & C#

There’s this thing called google. I suggest you try it out

Thanks, I literally found it a couple of minutes after I posted this. I just thought of Facepunch first before searching for any alternatives.

I’m curious why you think you need C#

C# interpreter in Lua why is nobody on this yet

i could work for cheap - depends on what “large projects” your working on.

Feel free to add me on steam, I’m busy working on a huge project, then after this is done I’m working on my Gamemode. But, I could squeeze you in from time to time. I charge $60/hour base rate on new creates with a basic usage license. If you want full rights, it’s a different story.

Depending on what you need, let me know and we can reach an agreement. I do offer discounts as well.

lol you are wasting your time here, no offense but holy shit nobody in this community is going to pay that much for anything

Already have been getting that much, on more than several occasions. I’m a professional coder, and I QA everything. If you want quality, you have to be prepared to pay salary. And, if you read my post, I do offer discounts. It really depends on what needs to be done. I sometimes charge by the job, and I am competitive with some of my rates. New creates are higher priced.

60$ per hour with only basic usage licenses, I extremely doubt anyone has ever paid you that.

unless you can suit this guys needs in an hour I doubt you are going to get paid.

You aren’t going to make 6 figures working with gmod communities.