Server hacked, need to know how to fix something

Ok, recently my server got hacked. I am running 2.3.7 darkrp with plenty of custom content. Somehow someone hacked the server and messed the the .cfg so I fixed the parts I could see were obviously manipulated to include the rcon password and some of the basic start up commands. I fixed a couple things taht were wrong with the server but one still eludes me. I’m actually controlling and administrating the server remotely so I havn’t been there(I’m a long way from wher ethe server is based so my ping is through the roof when I join) but my admins tell me that when you walk your running and when you hold shift down its like you’re on cocain. Anyone know what value I need to change to fix this?

Are you sure you didn’t just give some guy admin because he said he’d give you high quality furry porn?

if you ARE really running rp, then to change the value of the sprint or walk would be:

rp_walkspeed <value>
rp_sprintspeed <value>

roger thank you luke, and no dino, we have forums, and a very complicated system for admin application. You have to know us for a while, and that’s just to get entry level admin. My super admins have known me for at least a year or longer.

Ironically though, we did find the culprit, and he was an ex-admin. We have banned him permanently from our server and will pass the steamid along to all other |CFS| servers. I don’t choose every admin in my server, and this one was obviously a mistake. What’s really strange is that he resigned from his position(he left on a somewhat high note). None of us really knew why he didn’t want to be admin any more but we just assumed he was fed up with darkrp(admining 2.3.7 is a bitch equatable to css jailbreak).