Server Hacker - Spray Hack

On my server: (note I’m not trying to advertise) Someone keeps making porn sprays spawn right next to players and get it framed on that player. I found out that it’s happening from an outside source, not a player in the game, or so I think. I have already reviewed every player and they were all innocent and on top of that the spray once spawned next to me so it looked like I did it but I didn’t. So that’s how I know they are doing it through a script or program. Can someone help me figure out how to keep whoever from doing that. I would really appreciate it, it’s been driving me insane all day and causing confusion. If it is a bug or glich please address it but I feel as if it is someone running a script in or outside the server.

Disable sprays

How do I disable sprays?
and i mean server wide