Server hacking report.

Its fine. Im not bothered anymore. I was selling the server as it is.

i think you should report him 1st and then ask for assist from valve?

I dont want any involvement with legal action.
But i would not mind it if just HIM got in trouble and i did not have to coprate.

What were you going to fix btw?

Yes, use it… The BAN HAMMAH

He made it crash every time a player joins.
He even made it so it does not show up on the server lists.

I just read it 3rd time and it looks like it was your fault using that script?

I have not used that script.
The guy came on the server and exploited it.

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steam ban hamah?


I just want it fixed.
Im not going to report anything if i can get it fixed.

its fine guys i reported it to the cyber police he will be back traced

my fix… lol

Wish i knew where to put it :frowning:

OP assumes the reason his server down is because of the material exploit


It was down as soon as you left it.

Changelevel on the server, done. And that fix might help.

  1. You win because of the Simple Jack avatar.
  2. Thanks for the potential fix!

how does changelevel fix ddos

Thank you for telling me!