Server hacking report.

Telling you what?

Telling me streight about DDOS.

I thought he was on about people crashing when they connect. Ah well.

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what is this streight?

lol now hes gun report you to da cyber police!

“help someone is ddosing my game serv- hello? hello?!” :saddowns:



Chatlog with OP, seems like he’s trying to run a buisness off a shitty DarkDM server. all over again.

  Never tell your password to anyone.
Madrock: Hello
Pk191: Hey
RoflWaffle - need coders has changed their name to RoflWaffle.
Madrock: Sir, you have been acused of the following offences to a comapny:
Possibile DDOS
Ilegal scripting
RoflWaffle: are you going to backtrace me
RoflWaffle: and report me to the cyber police
Madrock: Yes
RoflWaffle: Though I am curious, what "company"
Madrock: Move That Mouse Gaming coperatoin
Madrock: For using a "Server Side" script
RoflWaffle: derp
RoflWaffle: I'm scared
Madrock: Please join the chat room for thurther investegation
Madrock: Reports willl be issued to the cyber police
Madrock: Never come near Move That Mouse as a compnany again.
RoflWaffle: nope

Madrock: Thank You for the information and coperation today
RoflWaffle: what cooperation
RoflWaffle: your server is offline
Madrock: Thanks to you, yes.
Madrock: But thank you for admiting it.,
Madrock: Good Bye.

Im not running a buisness.
Im just running a server.

Madrock: Sir, you have been acused of the following offences to a comapny:
Possibile DDOS
Ilegal scripting

explain that part then

Lol why would you run a “company” if you cant tell the difference between a DDoS or a Hack…

Basicly just a project.

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I can.
I was refering to both.

How do you plan on getting Rofl arrested or whatever the hell you’re trying to do…


Are you serious? LOL

Im not even reporting now i have the fix.

when will you learn
a lua script doesn’t fix a ddos attack

A fix for a ddos? oh jesus

No fix for DDOS.
Im saying, i have a fix for the matireil.
Im changing providers soon thanks to this hacker…

what good is a fix for a material if your server is down
and what would changing providers fix

Its not a damn hack ffff

this is why gmod can’t have nice things

I wish so.

This is what happens when you want to run a “company” with a shitty gamemode.