server.headerimage and EAC kicking

How to add server image?I know, u put this in config file:
+server.headerimage “url of image”
or in console
server.headerimage “url of image”

but it doesnt work, no image shown.I tried with .jpg and .png image type, 500x256 dimension and nothing.
Any advice?Thank you.

ooh, and whats with EAC kicking players from servers after last two updates?I as server owner can see that many players who try to connect on my server got kicked by EAC and after few times they manage to get in, not all thou.Happened to me once too.Server is wiped after latest game update, i created new folder for new server.Before, i used to have tons of mods, so because of this, i only have installed few mods to test it and its the same.
I saw people has solved this with disabling but i dont wanna turn that thing off.

so, not a single response for my question about 3 weeks ago? :slight_smile:

Server header image still not working for me and it would be nice if someone want to explain how to enable it.
ignore EAC kicking, not a problem anymore.

What url are you trying it with? Try uploading to imgur and put the direct link (add .jpg on the end) as headerimage.

for example: +server.headerimage “


yesterday same url and settings i always used just started to work and i can see header image now, lol.