Server heads needed.

I have recently bought servers and I need good trusted people to run them, I will not be judging you on your post count or anything related to the forum I have

3 Css servers, MG,Jailbreak,Zombie
3 gmod servers, Drp,ttt,test server
1 tf2 server, Unsure.
And 2 servers in reserve for future use.

myself and a few others will be taking care of the gmod servers, I need people for the counter-strike servers and tf2, I know this probably isn’t the best place to look for people to take care of CSS or TF2 but I thought I would try here first.


Good knowledge of the game.
Experience in running a server.
Good knowledge of how the ftp for the game works, as you will have access.
Although there is no age limit it is an adult oriented community.
People with a wide friend base preferred.

Pm me your steam community link and experience, if interested.

I’m looking for someone to pretty much give the server to, you will be in charge of it, if you abuse this is anyway I will boot you.

You don’t have to join the community, but I ask you don’t recruit members in these servers.

If the servers are populated already I wouldn’t mind running a few of them.

If on the other hand they are completely empty, no thanks.


Dark is a good choice.