Server Help (for a noob :D)

SO i tried making a Dedicated Server by following these instructions:
so far everything works fine except for the ports :confused: I know this has been posted before but i have tried a TON of ports and none work. Either its me putting them in wrong or i have the wrong ports. Here is a link to a picture of my routers port forwarding page (cause i don’t know how to put them on this post :D):

If you have the solution please let me know.

You need to open 27015 TCP & UCP

I have tried that and it still doesn’t work :confused:

Are you making the dedicated on the same machine you play on?

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The ports you’ve forwarded are strictly for a listen server. Read the GMod wiki to find out what additional ports you need to open in order for a dedicated server to work.

Also, 1337th post.

have you set your pc to a static IP?

Just use a server hoster, ya bum.

@343 Yes i am its going to host from my computer
@Abby A link would be nice :smiley:
@boot Explanations please
@DJ 1. Im the DIY kinda guy 2. Im not really a rich guy so i would rather not pay for one.

Ya bum, dont tell people to buy servers when they are looking to host their own. It may be a bad idea, but its workable.

well a static IP is that your computers lan card is set to only accept one IP(say and then you forward the ports to that IP. but you have to be sure your IP cannot change anymore.

could you explain how to set my static ip?

Basically take your current IP address, edit the last bit to 250, since i highly doubt you’ll ever have that many computers hooked to your router to cause a IP conflict.
Also remember to assign your Routers IP address as Default gateway.
And for information about what ports to forward, read here:


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