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Hey guys,i need to know an answer to this question,so I have a new server and I need help with,making it so when I teleport to someone it dosnt say (Physiqs) teleported to john,I wanna make it say (Someone) Teleported to john,could anyone tell me how to this,or how it works,thanks


Assuming you’re using ulx, you change a number in the config.lua or whatever the file is called.

If you are not an administrator, by default it will say (Somebody) has gone to John.

In XGUi, in the general settings tab there is a setting where you can set ‘echoes’. Mess around with those. I’m not on my game computer my apologies.
Just realized you double posted.


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Mib,i want to make it so,everyone can see it saying someobody teleported,except superadmins can only see

Do you know what XGUI is?

Yes I do know what it is and I looked in the settings tab in Xgui for like 15 mins straight ad foun nothing that says echoes

Command/Event Echoes. Its in the ULX Menu under settings and server general.