Server help

I know there is probably a thread that tells me how to do this but anyways… I just forwarded my ports using help from (I used the directions for HL2 Steam server I don’t know if that’s the right one) I asked a friend to join thinking it will finally work (Yes I have LAN unchecked) and he said that the server was not responding. It always does that… I was wondering if I have to do anything else other than forwarding ports to get a personal server online where friend can join because I have been trying for a while and I just cant seem to get it right, help would be appreciated, thanks.

If your friend is trying to join by right clicking your name in the steam friends list, that won’t work. That will give him your LAN IP. If he is not LANing with you, you need to give him your external IP address.

Tell him to write this into his console:

connect 111.111.111

Replace the 1s with your IP address.

Thank you I will try this now I will update to say if it worked :smiley: