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I have a dakrp server and whenever anyone does /drop (the command to drop a gun) it drops the gun but it leaves a floating version of the gun in mid-air. If you can help please help, if you cant and know somewhere that could help please tell me where. HERE IS AN IMAGE OF WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Also CSS is properly mounted and installed. BTW some of these guns are mods, the AK47 is a CSS gun.

Check the code make sure they are set to 10 or what ever number you want you shipments at.

There not shipments, even after i pick up the gun from the shipment if i type /drop that happens. This happens to guns i spawn in and guns that i pick up from the shipments

Could you post your AK shipment?

Like i said to the other guy, this happens even if i spawn a gun via the Q menu. These are not suppose to be SHIPMENTS you are suppose to be able to drop guns doing /drop this happens, even with a fresh darkrp server with no mods. Im 99% sure it has nothing to do with shipments. Even BEFORE i added any shipments this happened.
ALSO Shipments work PERFECTLY, I have the gun dealer and a blackmarket dealer job that can spawn shipments perfectly, this only happens if you type /drop while you have your gun out.

Sorry, I misread the second part of your reply.

anyone know how to fix this?

Does the server have the models?

Mount CSS…

It is mounted. Doing /dropmoney (amount) works normal but if you drop a gun it does that.

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The weapons are installed on the server, other people can see the guns and use them.

I believe you have the wrong models set.

What do you mean? Like for the shipments? These arent suppose to be shipments, this happens when you do /drop while having a gun out.

Hmm, maybe its because darkrp 2.5 is messed up or something like that?