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I have sv_download 0 because I have resource.AddWorkshop and I don’t want people downloading everything every single time they join I just want them to download it once, but while doing that I can’t have them download the maps off of my dropbox with a link, how do I get everyone to get the maps? but not have sv_download set to 1?

dropbox isn’t a valid host for fastdl server.

well the server is being hosted off my computer for right now, till some donations possible, but how could I go about solving my problem?

You can solve it by not running a server off your PC. Your upload speed won’t be good enough, as soon as more than 10 players join it’ll lag. Also don’t start a server and expect donations, you should be self funded at first. If that isn’t possible then I’d advise not starting a server.

Don’t use dropbox; get WAMP and host your own webserver.

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I used to host servers off my personal network just fine; that’s not his issue.

I’m assuming he may not have a good upload speed.