Server Help

People when they join my server aren’t downloading the maps.

Have your map uploaded to fastdl too if you use that.

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On topic:
when a map is too big (net_maxfilesize still existing?), it won’t be downloaded automatically. If you have a map available on the workshop, create a file in “garrysmod/lua/autorun/server” called “mapdownload.lua”.

In that file put the following code


Where the has to be replaced with the workshop ID.
If you don’t have a map available on the workshop, then you must have a Fast Download server. Some GPSs offer these for free, but if they don’t, you need to look for another webhost. They don’t have to cost that much, but webspace is the limit.

If you already have a Fast Download server, make sure the URL is set in your server.cfg, like

sv_downloadurl ""

make sure there is no trailing slash, or your Fast Download might not work.
You are also able to compress the map file by compressing it to a .bz2 file, which is usually smaller than the original map file.

net_maxfilesize still does exist, but it only applies to ServerDL, not FastDL or WorkshopDL.

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