Server help.

Not sure if this is the right section I am new to face punch. Anyway I have recently started a sandbox server, I added pointshop and i want to add skins to it and let users buy them but wats the point if they can just switch to them? Is there a way I can disable new players from switching player models and set a default one and make them save to actually buy a skin? Please help me out people :D! Thanks!

The best way to diasble new players from buying models would be to use ULX and make a group for the non new people to your server and then restrict the playermodels group through pointshop-master to a specific set of groups.
So to do this you would need ulx and have the right permission to edit groups. you would goto !menu and set up a new group called “Regulars”. Now you want to navigate to your /garrysmod/addons/ and open up pointshop-master, now you want to goto the playermodels file and open the _category.lua file. You then want to add a newline called

So if you wanted only the group "Regulars and “superadmin” to access player models the correct formatting would be.

The full context of your category.lua file should be:

You can of course change the group Regular and call it whatever you like, also be aware you can add as many groups as you like to the CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups but you must make sure they match the group names in ULX, capitalization and spelling. Also remember each group has it’s own speech marks and a comma is required after each group APART from the last.

Is there anyway I can do this without ULX because I already have a admin plugin.

That code works without ULX; no idea what he even mentioned it.