Server Help!!

On my friends DarkRP server (Relic Gamers) everything was fine and dandy when the server went down. I was thinking “huh?” and then when it came back up, people were joining and they had like pings of 200 and I was like “Waaattt” then I saw my ping and it was 400 which made extreme lag. Me and my friend must of thought the host was being DDoS’d or something so we waited about 2 days and it wont go away! Our ping go into triple digits, up to 600 then it slowly goes back down to 80 then around 700 again! Please help :frowning:

P.S We’ve contacted the server host and he doesn’t know whats going on, all of the other servers hosted by the same company are fine except ours, thanks :smiley:

Can you please give us more information about the Server provider?

  1. Does the company offer DDoS Protection
  2. Do they host their server of a dedicated server?
  3. Do a Ip Lookup (Who is) like for example use a website like "

Large ping can be from a small attack or it can be from another server of the server using a lot of CPU. It sounds like a shady hosting provider to be honest