Server Help

Hey just ordered a 10 slot gmod server and i was wondering what admin tools and mods should i put on there and links to please

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If you’re going to pay for something, it’s better to do research before you pay for it.

Remember, you should use SVN for addons that use an SVN. If you do not use SVN for your server, most people will consider it a sucky server (At least I would).
SVN Tutorial:
This tutorial doesn’t explain how to upload stuff to your server, though. I don’t know that myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Suggested admin mods:

  • Evolve (On the SVN Tutorial)
  • ASSmod (Use the Search function)
  • ULX (Use the Search function)

Suggested addons:

Other good addons:

  • Stargate (SVN)
  • SBMP (SVN)