Server help

Ok so i have been trying to make my own dedicated server for a while now and i have managed to get preety far twice and both i have just hit like a brick wall in my way the first time was when this happend in an earlier post and so then i tried again last week with this video and i got to the point were i can start my server, i can join ,nobody else can and it wont show up online either even with sv_lan 0 and heartbeat (btw i am trying to make an rp server and i cant run darkrp it says connot exec server.cfg)

im making srcds server
im using external ip (im joining with mine,i also have a static ip)
i have opened all the ports i need

so if you know anything about this, have any tips or links that can help me please post em

ok well i have managed to figure out how to get my friends to join but now i cant figure out how to be an admin on my server it wont let me use any of the ways ive found i have ulib and ulx btw