Server Help

OK so I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get the display the amount of time spent on a server. Also if anyone knows how to make the rank display in the tab menu. (using NewAdmin)

Don’t use NewAdmin. Its creator no longer supports it and has stopped updating it. I suggest getting Evolve. Evolve is the newer admin mod created by the same author as NewAdmin, and even though it isn’t done yet, its a helluva lot better.

The only way to get Evolve at the moment is by using SVN. The SVN link for Evolve is in this tutorial: (scroll down a little to the SVN Link List).

I also have some custom Evolve addons which I’ve made myself, such as a !title command, and team colors. If you want to get any of those, download my SVN link. It’s also in the SVN tutorial.