server help

I have a spacebuild 2 server. It was very popular, and all was working just fine. Now 90% of the people that join it cannot use the spawn menu, and the tab menu is blue and says sandbox- basegamomode etc. etc.

this started happening right after the update 81. I reinstalled the server got all the newest version of the mods, and this continued. Please help me resolve this issue.

(Sorry for any spelling errs I am playing cod)

I have same problem, everything doesn’t work…

I know why! The server has nosend.txt (maybe) and there written what files SHOULDN’T be sent to client! In my opinion, you should remove it, but seriously, you must make both, server and client, have sll files installed!

I dunno what nosend.txt does, actuall ^^

(But NO-SEND(ing) )

so i need to revome the nosend.txt