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Hello, I have bought a VPS dedicated server from Which was 2 days ago. I have downloaded HLDS Update tool made it to C:/scrds. Then downloaded garrys mod files. Put addons, and others. Then i checked if my port was open 27015. Which was open and not blocked. So i go ahead a lunch the scrds.exe. So i went multiplayer list put my ip:port in my favorites server found. Join it everything looked good. When i get to the part Send Client Info… It was taking way to long. So i said to my self somethings worng fucked up. So i removed everything and re did the garrys mod files. I went to join server again and it was still taking long. So i looked at the scrds.exe console i saw a error but didn’t know what it mean :3. Can someone tell me whats the problem here?

Someone out there to help?

If I had to take a guess, something’s wrong with the server. Try reinstalling the executables and see if that helps.

Can you tell me what executables you mean? I said i reinstalled server already in which i said in first post…


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Please someone i really need your help!

don’t bump your posts unless they’re over a day old. this could get you banned! and I’ve got no idea what that error means nor how to fix it.

Then why reply? All i ask is help. If you guys give me some forums i will have them help.

because it irritates me, and many others. and I’m actually helping you not getting banned you know!

Why not give us your start.bat file for a start

I never used a .bat file… i used cmd. I watched this video on how to make the files;

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Anyways if i used a .bat file i would put:

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game garrysmod -dir C:\srcds

Download the bat file: Garrysmod.bat

well, then what command did you use in

is your server a 32 or 64bit?

Idk what happen but some reason server is working. I didn’t do nothing. Just removed some addon :3 Thanks for help guys :smiley: