Server history not functional?

I bought Rust on Steam yesterday, after few hours of gametime I decide to stop and go to bed. I wish to keep progressing on the server I played on yesterday, but on my Server History tab no servers show up. Is this a bug or is Server History not implemented yet? I didn’t really want to make a thread for a question like this, but I could not find a suitable place to post this.

I haven’t experienced this issue. All tabs are working fine on my client. Must be a bug with your game :confused:

Had this happen to me a few times aswell…

most of the time if you go to the main server tab, let all the servers refresh, then go back to your history, and it should show up :smile:

Same here. And after it loads the entire list, and you go back - the little “Reload” icon in the bottom right should be white (and not greyed out) - if you refresh that, it SHOULD show you the servers.