Server History

I am having one hell of a time trying not to freak out…i really like this game but every time ive been done for the night playing, i disconnect and exit. Am i doing this wrong? should i not disconnect? do I lose all my progress when I do? I do not see the server I was playing on last night anymore and am really starting to not want to try again and have the same issue. I don’t understand why this is happening, I’ve restarted from scratch 4 times already and DO NOT want to have to again and lose everything I’ve done. Has anyone else had this problem?

It’s not a problem because the game’s is played with so called ‘sleepers’. When you log out, your body and everything on it stay right there. So anyone who comes by can kill your character and loot you. Normally you at least do something like build a shack and pop in a metal door before going offline for the first time. If you feel you don’t like sleepers (you should, it’s part of the game) you can always play on community / modded servers where sleepers can be disabled.

I understand the sleepers part of the game but its the fact I can never see the server I was last on that had play time on it, like the one I was on last night was called OverDosed I believe or spelled a little different but it doesn’t show on my history

History tab might be a little bugged, not sure… mine is working fine. Otherwise ask someone in-game for the IP:Port if you like the server enough to stick around. If the next time the server doesn’t show you can press F1 and a window will popup where you can manually connect to the server by doing:

net.connect IP:Port

Example: net.connect