Server host Australia opinion/reccomendations?

I’m currently trying to find a good Australian server host.
Right now I’m looking at 2 options:


Their prices:

They are both currently offering a deal that gives you 50% off every month for the life of the server (I don’t know if you have to order within a certain amount of time or not)

I am looking to host a server with 32 slots (preferably in Sydney or Brisbane)
Your opinions on these hosts/suggestions for better ones?
I can’t find many reviews.

It would probably be better for you to look into a VPS instead of a company who specifically sells GMOD servers. In my experience, if you know how to use SteamCMD and set up your server, you can get equal or better performance from a cheaper VPS. You could also go for a dedicated box if and when you want to take it to the next level. Here are some Australian VPSes that might interest you. If you know how to use Linux, you should probably go that route because it will be cheaper, but if not, there are Windows VPSes.

The last one is probably your best option.

Straight up, I’m going to suggest taking your money to North America. Sure, you get god awful pings, but here’s what you do get:

  • Bigger playerbase
  • Cheaper hosting
  • Better performance
  • (more often than not) basic packet flood mitigation built in.

But if you are set on staying in Australia, you are better off renting a VPS and setting up your gmod server yourself. It’s a bit tougher if you haven’t done it before, but you also get a lot more freedom with it.

I would recommend Streamline as they are of a reasonable price, high performance and minimum hassle. Support has always been prompt and straightforward. The service rarely fails and there is a week or longer notice if there will be a planned outage. They also have a bunch of 1-click install addons such as epoe, tmysql and mysqloo, and ulx/ulib. Have been with them for over 1 year. They have enterprise DDoS protection however DDoS attacks tend to be rare for my community.

My situation is that I run a community of 3 servers (32, 16 and 10 slots) and I don’t have time to do boilerplate stuff (managing fastdl, updates, srcds, module installations, network configurations, user administrations/privileges) due to 9-5 work or heavy university workload. The hosting is funded through server donations with my scriptfodder sales as a reserve so money is not an issue and I am not looking to cut costs.

I have only good things to say about them but have a look around on your own.


I have been with wombatservers before and I had a few issues

  • They seem to outsource a lot of things (cost cutting?) when I purchased a web hosting plan I received a spam call from some guy with an indian accent asking if i wanted help with SEO or upgrades or something along those lines
  • Their garrysmod servers are run on linux machines which has the disadvantage of not recognising folder names with spaces or capital letters and not having autorefresh (was this fixed?)

never tried ausfrag so can’t tell you anything

halcuro is pretty good and cheap
streamline is average in my experience (do NOT buy their “standard” server package, its a complete and utter waste of money and can’t even handle an 8 player sandbox server)
wombat is shit, don’t use it
never tried ausfrag so i don’t have any strong feelings towards them

I had a box at web24 and the DDoS protection was terrible, not to mention this…

Unless you enjoy not sleeping or already have a very established server that won’t work out too well for ya.