Server Host Suggestions?

So after about 2 years with Xenon Servers, I’ve given up on them.
One of my servers is down, and has been for the past few days, and it doesn’t look like they are interested in fixing that.
The other server gets intense lag spikes even with vanilla Gmod, and they deny these ever occurring.

I want a new host.

I would prefer if they also gave me a fastdl webhost, and a mysql database, but that’s not really necessary.

So I was thinking brohoster, but does anyone have any other ideas? It doesn’t look like they give you a fastdl server.

sent you a PM

We do give you a place to put yer FastDL stuff, actually. :buddy:

Do you allow clients to upload dlls?
Xenon didn’t, and although I can easily understand why, it still made some of the things I did a little more difficult, because I would have to wait for them to check it, and upload it themselves.

No, no GSP in their right mind would allow it. That being said we usually only take like 10-15 minutes to get to a DLL installation.

If that’s you criteria the only hosts you will find are the ones run by 11 year old kids who have no idea of how to secure their box.

GTX allows that, I believe. But then again GTX are the worst GSP in history