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Ok so i’m looking for a EU good quality server host.

I was using Serenity Servers (UK), when i was hitting 5/10 players, my server was laggy as hell because my addons where taking all of their shitty CPU.
Price 24€? shitty quality, good support.

After it, i used GamingForHumanity (G4H) (FR) but it’s down since 2 days (after i payed my 2nd month) and look like their owner flew with all the money since he stopped his “own” server…
Server was working fine and was lagging only when they were 30/35 players ingame.
Price 24€? scammers but better quality, no support.

I’m looking for something similar as G4H (quality) but cheaper and with a better support.

I’m hosting a big DarkRP server full of addons on rp_evocity_v33x map.

I don’t know how to setup a VPS and i don’t think my server can be handle by a vps.


i can’t help but throws this out there, a vps could definitely handle your server, considering it’s actual dedicated resources for your server,rather than someone throwing up a gmod server on a box and you getting whatever

it seems like lots of people are recommending NFO even though i’d only heard bad things before, maybe try them

This thread might help you a little bit.

Definitely NFO. I used to have 4 servers on a 4 core VDS from them. With all 120 slots filled, the servers barely lagged and you have full control over your machine.

We use some of the best specs in the business,
Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 clocked at 3.7 GhZ.
64 GB ram DDR3 ECC.
Dual 500 GB SSD, in raid 1.
1 Gbit uplink to a massive 480 Gbit backbone.

We also run very large servers, some having upwards of 50 players full day in and day out with no lag at all. You also mention 24 euro? Our 10 slot pricing is 5 euro /month.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact our support and we will do our best to solve any issues you may have. Lag is usually generated by either spam or server errors, we can only solve the latter.

Yeah, i heard NFO works great but i don’t know if i take a VPS from them (as i don’t know how to install gmod and don’t know if it will handle my server) and for the hosting, i don’t know if it will handle my server?

NFO VDS are overpriced for me, i only wanna host 1 server not tons of them.

NFO say:
On standalone hosting, we don’t divide resources, we just ensure the machine is kept below 40% overall usage. For Garry’s Mod, the game can use 100% of 1 CPU core at maximum, as the application is single threaded. You would have access to this.

That’s bad information. SRCDS has multiple threads.

Hmm, I would really recommend Croncos, there filtering is just insane i have been using them for 3 weeks now nothing but quality so far getting ping of around 10.

Except Garrys Mod uses a modified engine that hasn’t kept up with TF2 and other Valve games. Also I would advise against SerenitySrvs as they are simply reselling OVH, which doesn’t have a very low ping network, unless you’re very close to France. I have used NFO for a very long time now, and have always been impressed with them, other hosts can’t compete with their low pings.

Please provide evidence that the server-side portion of the engine is single threaded and doesn’t have a separate networking thread.

Yeah the networking portion probably won’t use more then 1%-2% of the other core but that doesn’t make it any less multi-threaded.

NFOservers is IMO one of the better choices just because of how simple it is to get everything started up. You get great Customer Service, a free Mumble server and a webserver.

They don’t let you pick location for web host though so it’s hosted in the US. Not the best option for EU customers. (At least that’s what they said last time I asked)

Sorry to disagree there but I’ve personally seen garry’s mod servers have a CPU usage of 105-120%. I.E. multiple threads. OVH have a massive number of peers and transit - which is key in low latencies over the internet (besides distance, of course).

Core-backbone (excellent provider) :

As you can see, almost all NFO traffic goes to (which is largely Cogent) and Internap. Internap’s alright but I don’t see why so many people have stiffies over NFO’s network, especially when 25%+ of your traffic is going via cogent anyway…

I understand where you’re coming from, but as far as multithreading is concerned, in real world usage, it has an incredibly low benefit since only a very small portion of total CPU usage actually runs on a separate thread. So yes, you are right, but practically, it is near useless.

Also with the peering list you linked for NFO, they use Internap for their bandwidth, so you should actually be checking the peering and transit that Internap provides to them, in addition to the extra peers that NFO has.

As far as the OVH network in Europe, yes it is more extensive than what NFO can provide, but in the US, NFO certainly wins as they not only have several locations (, but they also implement Internap’s Performance IP which constantly analyzes traffic to find the best provider to use. BGP can’t detect when a link is being oversaturated to the extent that Internap’s system can. BGP goes by a lot less metrics, and primarily, what has the lowest number of hops, even if one of those hops adds 100+ms of latency onto the RTT.

Snip, wrong thread

NFO seems to think Garry’s Mod servers are single threaded though which means they are ignorant. For a host that has been in business from 2004 or something that’s not exactly a comforting thought.

Not that it -really- matters since you won’t be able to use a lot of CPU at NFO. They’ll automatically restart your game server after a certain percentage on CPU even if it’s legitimate usage and full of players.

The lag is undoubtedly your fault. Ignorance, DarkRP and a shit load on addons tend to cause lag.

Actually, I think you are not completely informed. NFO only restarts servers if they are using more than 98% CPU usage, which would typically be an indication of a bug in the game causing lag. However, if this is normal, you can simply send in a support ticket and they will happily remove that automatic restart for you if you need to use that much CPU.

Actually while we’re on this subject here is a client that transferred to me from NFO because NFO kept restarting his server due to CPU usage.

This client has had no issue with our hosting. This is also a Garry’s Mod server.

It has more then 100% core usage.

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Please read my post below. This is not a bug with his server and is legitimate usage.

According to him this was an ongoing issue for months and he was simply sick of it. He had also submitted a ticket to them and they kept moving him to other nodes.

I see that this user needs more CPU, which is the case in some situations, however Garry’s Mod is notorious for using more CPU than other games would as well. Unlike some hosts, NFO will move their customers onto faster machines if they deem the need for it, and they also can remove the high usage restriction, within reason, to give their customers a good experience. I am not sure what else he was wanting them to do.