Server hosted in Brazil - Servidor hospedado no Brasil.

Please us Brazilians would like to servers hosted in Brazil. The game would be better even without the lag (animals and teleporting players).
In a survival game in which you need hit in moving players and animals a bad server makes it much more difficult, so I come here on behalf of many Brazilians ask for rust servers can be hosted in Brazil. Thank U!
I await a response.

Anyone can download the dedicated server and host their own. Brazilians can host their own server instead of waiting for an official server to be set up.

Not in Brazil, here not yet released so it can be hosted here.

Uh, no, it’s on SteamCMD for anyone, and I mean anyone, to download.

However, leave off the “-beta experimental” part if you want the new version of Rust (what was previously called experimental), that’s old and out of date.

You can also follow these instructions; just stop before installing Oxide unless you also want to install Oxide so you can mod the server.

You can download the server right now. This has been available for months (this is the thread garry made when he announced free public access to the dedicated server).