Server hoster, one of the best around

Sorry just read the rules.

What are the specs? What’s the pricing? How do they compare against the other server hosters of the current market? What’s the average ticket reply time? Do you have any testimonials from current clients?

If you want a good server just go here

Because you asked. The specs are located on our website at We are the most competitive out there, we look at prices weekly and see how we match. Our average response time is about 20 minutes tops. Our testimonials are also located on our website at

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Our prices do beat Elpishosting. I do not know the quality of their servers, but I’m we are matching them if not better.

Your prices beat Elpishost? Does that mean I get a free server from you too?

Are there any other questions for warbawz?

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No, we do not offer free servers. But if you look at their order page elpishost hosts for more than us normally. I’m just getting us out there so you know that we are here. And that we are very reliable.

Yes but what I am saying is, you beat other server providers prices, even though there is someone actually giving servers away for free.

They are giving free servers to select members of the community but making the others pay full price. If you look and compare normal prices from Elpishos and Warbawz, warbawz will have the cheaper of the 2 prices with equal or better quality.

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If you guys have any more questions you can either continue posting on here, PM me on my account or connect to someone on our support. Thanks for reading this guys, appreciate it.

If I wanted to order a 64 slot server from ElpisHost, it would cost me $33.95 monthly, where as with yours it would cost me $34.56. Right.

Now, is that 33.95 taxed? That 34.56 has the tax already included into the price, shown on the right of the screen.

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As well as the fact that we do offer discounts if you buy for longer periods of time. And I’m sorry that you think that this is dumb, even if it is true. Thank you.

So you did just register to promote your host?

Gonna avoid it, then. I don’t take well to people advertising on Facepunch to shamelessly.

Tis why I apologized that I had then read the rules right after that. But someone had asked a questions so I had to answer it.

Dude, You just entered the wrong fucking place.
If someone is giving servers away for free and you’re trying to charge people money on a server that claims to be a lot better than elpis without even knowing its specs.

Okay, then where are elpishost server specs? Not listed on the site. Why? We are not afraid to say what we host with because we are proud how powerful our servers are.

No, they pay *you *to have a server.

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I also like the vintage 90’s snow layer you have on your site

Thanks. We actually also have a deal going on right now where you can save 10% on your final price. The promo code is chiv.(For the free weekend of Chivalry: Medieval warfare) Enjoy if you are getting it as well.

Give us all a free sample server and ill believe you

I wish I could give free samples, sadly I can’t. I could show you a couple of servers we are actually hosting for chivalry right now. Or some other game if you’d like.

i was being sarcastic…

Here you go:

8GB ram a node with 9-14 servers a node.