Server hoster with the best control panel ?

Basicly i need a server hoster with a really good control panel, that is easy to manage, one where you have the most control over your server, maybe even with a list of a lot of useful mods.

Also i need the servers to be (at least) in Europe please.

Thank you

Added you at steam


Could tell you that its hosted in France & I do offer TCAdmin with free addon & gamemode installation!

I’ll write more information at steam :slight_smile:

No offence, but I wouldn’t poke you in the eye with a stick since you’ve not explained who you are, what company you work for etc.

Ragnaroy, i’d like to suggest ElpisHost, which has TcAdminv2, Tyler is really helpful too.

OR if you’re looking for a budget buy, with zero support and possible threats:

My personal favorite for hosting servers is NFO. They have excellent DDoS protection, a great control panel, and free webhosting included with your server. I’ve also heard good things about ElpisHost, Daemon Servers, and BB Servers.

My server’s got terminated by PlugPayPlay due to a “bug”, but generally I would agree.

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Florandor, there’s a few things you can tell from a glance about your servers.

  1. You don’t own the dedicated box’s, you are renting them from a provider and re-selling them, meaning their quality is probably much poorer than if you owned them yourself and if there’s any hardware problems then you can’t fix it.

  2. I know you’re not relocating them because you’re from Sweden and the box is in France.

  3. TCAdmin is the industry standard as far as I’m aware so I don’t see how it’s particularly special, nor is “free addon and gamemode installation”, as far as that goes it’s as complicated as dropping a folder into another folder.

  4. You haven’t mentioned any website at all and you’ve only 6 posts to your name with no reputation so I presume you don’t run a server hosting company (yet?) so I’d probably either fork out a bit of extra money and go with trusted hosters like: NFO, Elpis, BB or if you’re low on money: PlugPayPlay.

Depense on how you mean by “own”, The dedicated box is to me. Its hosted at france, The company will fix problems if there was.

And the Free addon & gamemode is just a test, The actull real template isn’t done, I want the gameservers private untill the new website is up and running.

So basiclly you mean that I need to have 50 posts to atleast get reputation.

I offered the guy a service, Thats it.

Even 50 posts isn’t much, and often it doesn’t even depend on post count, but you have 0 reputation on Facepunch so it’s more or less a gamble by buying a server from you.

You don’t own the box yourself, you rent it, this was discussed in our steam chat, regardless of them fixing problems, you’ve still got to wait on their support, imagine: A customer has a problem, he submits a ticket to you, you can’t fix it, so you submit a ticket to the hoster, you see?

Yeah your right, We discussed that in the chat:)

I would recommend looking into a dedicated server, as opposed to a web panel. It’s a little complicated at first, but you have complete control.

He found a host ^

I still can change my mind, there seems to be some FPS issues on my Daemonserver, im not sure if it’s a mod causing it but i pretty much mostly installed tools so far.

Daemonserver’s are pretty good, it may be your ping, where is the server hosted and where are you living?

Garry’s mod is a pretty unstable game to host to be honest, you’re going to get a bit of lag here and there, but if it’s a good host, it should be minimal.

Hes from France

then it is likely latency issues.

He DID say FPS issues.

If you’re doing a lot of think/tick hooking, try changing your server’s tickrate to 33.

-tickrate 33 in commandline.

Try locking the FPS to 300, +fps_max 300 in commandline.

Much appreciated.

Adding to Liam’s support for NFO:

**NFOSERVERS **opened up in Frankfurt.

Control Panels will give you only so much control.
If you’re looking for full control, I highly suggest you get a TWO CORE VDS from NFOSERVERS. That way, you have a complete physical core of the CPU dedicated to your server and that’s all you really need since SRCDS is single threaded anyway. Yes, there is a OS Performance overhead, but that’s less than 10% on Windows Server 2012. If you’re hosting multiple servers, you can upgrade.

NFOSERVERS, IMO, is hands down the best GSP out there. Incredible support and service at the right cost. Some might even name it cheap considering everything you get.

Latency: 10/10
Network: 10/10 (Never really goes down, you get maintenance updates, you can move your server whenever you need to.)
Support: 11/10 (The best support I’ve come across from any hoster out there, and I’ve jumped through many hosts.)

They are just awesome and they deserve more business.

But I always have a small fear that if they get too many costumers the service quality will go down.

I should also mention that they have incredible DDoS Protection.
If you look at staminus and other DDoS Protection oriented hosters, they charge about $100 for BASIC 1 GBPS DDoS protection and another $100 if you want to add your custom ACL Firewall rules. Plus, they don’t really automatically add rules for you.
**NFOSERVERS **on the otherhand, offer as much DDoS protection as possible before they nullroute you (which NEVER happened to me and all attacks on my server have been filtered).
They have 10 GE & 20 GE Lines in their network and they will protect your server as long as those don’t get overloaded.
Note that this is only for FILTERED attacks and it’s highly improbable that you will get attacked by an attack that you can’t filter unless you’re hosting some extra things that have exploits.
Staminus STARTS at $2000 for a 20gbps protection plan. PER MONTH. Ofcourse, NFOServers protection is shared across their network, but trust me it’s more than enough.

All being said, choose NFO, you won’t regret it.

I’ve been with them for almost 3 months now and I’m not planning on leaving them any time soon.

Precise Servers

Trust me…