Server Hostesr: Who Is The Best :D

My Stand Point Now…
Working hard to bring good quality updates and content to my server with the for the forums so far thanks all. It’s not the coding that gets in my way its the random lag spikes I get over my internet which makes people leave the server cause they can’t handle it sometimes. I was wondering which Web Server Hoster’s are good the one I’m looking at right now is they have a very sleek look to it and user friendly by the looks of it, and reasonbly cheap for a 24 person ttt server at $21.95 a month. Also will it lag much if the server from say the US and someone plays from Europe if so I can get 2=two server if need be.

My Question is…
Is Elpis good from your guses stand point and does ElpisHost have a FastDL Server already premade or do I have to use someone elses (cause I’m use I think 000Webhost to use FastDL for my Server to speed up download times.)

I would love to know what you guys use and what your thoughts on ElpisHost or different server hosters.

nfo or elpis would be your best choices

Never heard of NFO I’ll check it out thanks for the comment.

What about Australian hosts? I’m thinking Tango servers or Hypanova.

Never thought of that I could possible have 3 server and those sites look good

If you get a good server in New York then it could handle both the US and Europe. I believe one of the servers I got from NFO in NY managed to have under 100 ping to a friend in Sweden.‎ Seem to be the cheapest in the UK although their staff take long to reply to issues.

thanks for the tip

Ugh, we need to stop these damned threads…

Or at least bump other ones instead of having a new discussion about the same subject every week.

I always get a reply to my tickets within an hour unless it is at around 1am.

Elpis has a really good reputation around here (for a reason)

Using the magic of with google searching “Server Hosting” has led me to one conclusion.







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Use the fucking search

Would also be another good one.

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Btw that’s the first two pages with many more after that. Elpis. It’s always Elpis. Just got to try them out and if they don’t work go for NFOServers. And if they don’t work out then you have gone through the top two. People will back Elpis anyways so there is really little point in asking.

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I think I’ve made my point by being an absolute ass. :zoid:

Elpis Host if it’s the one I’m thinking of is fucking crap. Random Downtimes, Server taken offline in the middle of the night for “maintenance” while users are playing, server crashing for no reason and not rebooting until you manually do it from the CP, IF you can log into the CP at all.
If you have the experience and know-how I suggest renting a VPS or dedicated server and doing it all yourself. You will always get a better deal than from a hoster because that’s all they are doing and if you know how to you can do it much better than them.

BBServers is without a doubt one of the best hosts I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Most problems are answered as quick as they are given, and it’s runned by a member of the GMod community.

I’ve had two servers at Elpis, who worked great. I loved the quality, so I’m sure it’ll meet your requirements.

are very good they have great ping between 6 - 28 for most people and very quick support but main things are they have everything mod installers , map installers , fastdl everything , and i only pay £10 a month for a 32 slot gmod server