Server hosting box?

Hi i was on some forums for my gaming community and i asked one of the admins who host their servers because they have like 20. This is what i got…

Admin: We don’t rent servers, we own our own box.
Me: Where can i get these and how much do these boxes run retail?
Admin: Company Secret, why do you need one.
Other user: yeah that is an intresting question 0.0
Me: Ummmm <_<

Now i am starting my own Fallout rp and i would like to check these out. So wtf are these boxes and how can i get one? Thanks! --Killdead

This should answer your question.

Yea i’ve tried that and i can’t seem to find any to buy. But I was wondering what is the best server host for a 30 slot gm_atomic?

Wow you have the answer to EVERYTHING. WAIT! Are you god!?!?!

No I just know how to use the internet.


All I did was link you to the answers, A simple google would go a long way. Your just lucky you didn’t meet the rest of facepunch, most would mock you and not help, I only help because I understand that, no matter age, we all were new to everything.

A small warning:

Renting your own machine is EXPENSIVE if you don’t have a job or a constant stream of donations. You WILL be better off getting a server from somewhere like XenonServers rather than renting your own.

aw come on getting a gigabit server for a 12 slot gmod and giving access to me is so much fun