Server hosting guide!

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You should include the tutorial to the SVN :smiley:
Nicely done.

Nice guide, like all the hundreds of others on facepunch

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Link or it didn’t happen.

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Thanks, I was looking for that one.

Great thread, very informational.


Awesome guide! You should still put a guide for Dedicated hosting. Cause right now I’m only about 75% sure of how to set it up.

By dedicated I mean buying/renting an entire server and using that to run your game server.

Including instructions on how to create a dedi server from scratch would be very handy.

Sounds like a good idea.

This is a good resource for people looking on how to setup/buy their servers, thanks for this :3

My friends say they can’t find my server on the list? Help please. How do I forward my ports?

OP needs a guide about opening ports in firewalls

have you opened for port 27015 in your firewall and router, both tcp and udp??
there’s a guide in the OP about opening ports for specific routers:

[quote=“compwhizii, post:1, topic:4710”]

[li] - Website for forwarding ports on your router, select your router then Half Life 2 Steam Server.[/li][/QUOTE]

Sounds like a good idea


Yeah i was about to ask.

Great guide compwhizii, it will help the rookies.

I was colocating but decided against it since I was using less then 5Mbps upload 99.9% of the time and for the cost I could get a business connection with a static IP at home for around the same price. 20/5Mbps.

Nice guide. I’ve used xenon before and its pretty laggy although cheap. I found To be the best although somewhat pricey.