Server hosting help plz! [Dark RP]


I just got my dedicated server up.
But when i like do the command : /dropmoney 250 , the money just stays in the air where i was aiming…

Can some1 plz help me with that,
And i have another questiong to, How do i make it aviable to other ppls to download the shit i have on my server so they dont see big errors everywhere, And how do i ban props?

I havent change anything in any codings.

Downloaded Darkrp from:
And i followed the instructions on how to make a dedicated server here:

Running on Ass_mod.

And how do i give my self a shitload of money?

Install CSS content on the server.

Use some admin mode like ULX and configure it, or put resource.AddFile <file name> into a lua, into your lua/autorun folder.

You may use Uppl (Ulysses Per Prop Limit).